when i go, can i go with you?

they have evacuated people from less than 100 km from here

biggest earthquake this far: 4,7 magnitudes at midnight

my swedish best friend and i joke about how we wanted to stay in iceland forever and may now get to do that, may even get to actually become part of the fucking soil of this country

the saddest thing is that we have tried so many times to get up to the glacier but now if the volcano erupts we are never going to get to do that because the glacier will fucking melt

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Tags: my swedish angel is in the country now and she will get us to the glacier because she's bestieswith the glacier guides here  i wanna go  swedish best friend: 'i hope that the volcano will erupt before i have to go back to sweden'  me: 'we only die once  right?'  death cw /  to be safe  i know it's silly to joke about this  also okay nothing big is gonna happen  the news here are crazy and everyone is updating this webpage that shows the earthquakes in real life all the time  the old people shake their heads and say History is about to happen  also lmao my mum finally  after three months  told to my grandma who has schizophrenia and is always really really worried about every smalles t thing  that i'm in iceland  and of course the next day the earthquake situation is in the news in finland too  good move mum